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Product Rating System

You might be wondering... What makes some CBD products better than others? Is there one brand that rules them all? What should I look for in labels and descriptions?

Allow us to introduce our Product Rating System, it’s easy!

Every product we review is tested, evaluated, and then ranked on this scale from 1 to 5+ points (4, 5, and 5+ are the highest quality).


  • Best Method of Extraction: CO2 
  • Has a Certificate of Analysis (COA) conducted on the product's CBD
  • Full Spectrum
  • No Additives, Organic



  • Best Method of Extraction: CO2 
  • Has a COA


  • Method of Extraction: CO2 or Alcohol Distillation
  • Has a COA


  • Any Other Method of Extraction
  • Has a COA


  • Any Other Method of Extraction (if listed at all)
  • Product origin unclear
  • No COA
  • Confusing design