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Luce Farms

Luce Farms


Located in Stockbridge, Vermont. USA.

Phone: (802) 392-8010

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Luce Farms' Mission

"We are sustainable hemp farmers, ancient recipe creators and stewards of the land, with a shared passion and respect for natural living, herbal alternatives and environmental sustainability. Fate led us to manifest our dream of reconnecting to the land and raising a family in harmony with nature, and in 2016, with children, dogs and livestock in tow, we happily accepted the responsibility of restoring Luce Farm, a 200-year old homestead in Stockbridge, Vermont.

Our hemp is grown outdoors on our farm’s hillside, fed naturally by the sun and freshwater streams. We exclusively use organic practices from germination to extraction. And all of our plants start from seed and grow in soil amended with manures from our flocks of poultry and herds of goats.

To extract the cannabinoids from the plants, we utilize the Supercritical CO2 extraction method; a natural, pure and environmentally friendly process that retains the essential vitamins, minerals, Omega fatty acids and terpenes that naturally occur in hemp.

Our dedication to sustainable agriculture and our passion for holistic health are combined and the result is Luce Farm Wellness, an organic production farm creating full-spectrum hemp products of the highest quality.

We hope you enjoy incorporating the fruits of our labor into your daily routines!

Rebecca & Joe Pimentel"